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How to Detect Leaks before Hiring Plumber

The Plumber Albert Park can deficiently treat water leakage. But, what if you don’t know that there even a water leakage in your home. That’s why knowing a quick technique for leak detection is helpful.

We have listed top techniques by using which it would be easy to detect a water leak in your home.

Let’s explore!

  • Check the water meter

The best way to see if you have a leak in a specific part of your plumbing system is to check the water meter. For this, first turn off the water in your home – water taps, wheel, toilet flush, etc. For safety purposes, ensure that washing machine and dishwasher isn’t active. Shut off all the faucets. Second, look the water meter carefully and notice if it starts to change. If it changes, a fast-moving leak is probably has occurred in your home. If the meter is same, wait for 2-hours and check again. If it has changed when all the water is off, a slower leak must be in your home. However, you can’t discover the exact location of the leak, but at least you know what you are dealing with.

  • Monitor your bill

This is the easiest way to see if something is wrong in the plumbing system. Check your water bills regularly. If your water bill has risen suddenly, there are high chances of a leak. Not just two but examine last 5-6 bills to see the pattern. Now consider your water usage. If you are using water the same when the bill was low, something is fishy. Many pipes of your plumbing system are underground. Therefore, it’s not possible to detect its location. In such case, you should leave everything on professional Plumber Elwood.

  • Keep an eye on your usage

The experts recommend checking your regular water usage to discover if there’s any leak. If a family of four is using water more than 13,000 gallons per month, chances of a heavy leak are high. So keep an eye on how much water you are consuming every day.

  • Check exterior usage

Sometimes, a water leak isn’t inside of your home. That’s why examining home exterior is the right thing to do. Check the exterior by connecting the garden hose. Replace the rubber hose gasket if water seeps through the connection when the hose is running. Now, call professionals for taking care of the situation.

  • Use some food colouring

Almost 30% of water is used in toilets. Therefore, check your toilet for leaks. All you have to do is just grab some food colouring, add a few drops of it to your toilet tank and wait for ten minutes. If the colour shows up, you have a leak.

So which technique you are going to try first?

Wrapping Up

Some homeowners pay hundreds of dollars because they couldn’t detect the leak.

By following the above methods you can detect the leak and prevent further damage by calling Plumber Point Cook on time. Also, this is the right way to prevent unexpected expense at the end of the month.

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